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Website Tools and Features

There are countless tools and features that we can integrate into your website. Every business has different needs. So when it comes to building websites, there’s no “one-size-fits-all.” That’s why we build your website with the tools and features that meet your specific business and marketing requirements.

Here are some of the most popular website tools and features that we offer:

Responsive Sites

We build responsive websites which display properly on any device – mobile phones, tablets or desktops. A responsive site is a big boost for your Google search rankings.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

No more waiting for a designer to update your website. You can add, update and publish content to your website quickly and easily with a customized user-friendly CMS.

SEO Tools

We install search engine optimization (SEO) tools, which help to increase your online visibility and make it easier for search engines and potential customers to find you.

Google Analytics

Track your website’s performance and guide your marketing strategy with Google Analytics. See how many visitors are coming to your site, what pages they go to, how long they’re on your site and more.


A picture’s worth a thousand words. Showcase your products or project photos with a professional image gallery that lets your customers see the quality of your company’s work.


A testimonials component lets you post positive comments from satisfied customers, an invaluable tool when it comes to providing social proof and building your company’s reputation.


Give your web visitors the important information they need with a dedicated FAQ page that answers your customers’ most frequently asked questions about your products and services.

Social Media Integration

Add “like” and “share” buttons that encourage your web visitors to share your web content with others, allowing you to reach a larger pool of potential customers.

Contact Forms

Make it easy for interested prospects to email you with customized contact forms that automatically send your web visitors’ inquiries straight to your inbox.


Your company blog can help position you as an expert, educate your prospects and turn your website into a useful customer resource. Our blog components make it easy to publish and organize your blog articles.

News Component

Use your website to enhance your reputation. Publish your company’s latest news, post information about upcoming events and share articles you contributed to websites or trade journals.


Keep your website visitors engaged with eye-catching calls-to-action (CTAs) that guide your prospects through your website and move them to the next step in the sales process.

Landing Pages

Create highly targeted web pages that work with your Google AdWords or email marketing campaigns, steering your website visitors toward your marketing goal.

Lead Capture Forms

Don’t miss out on important sales leads. This valuable tool lets you collect contact information from interested prospects and helps generate qualified leads for your business.

301 Re-Directs

Don’t worry – your customers won’t end up seeing a Page Not Found message when they search for you. We make sure that your customers, as well as search engines, are automatically sent to your new website.


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